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Stafford Schliefer in the media

Want to read more about the artist? Peruse this (incomplete) list of links, old and new:

1975 The Kingman Daily Miner of August 6, 1975, reports on a joint exhibition by Stafford Schliefer and Omer Lewis, the latter a native of Arizona.

2001 The opening of ‘Salt and Sugar’, Schliefer’s one-man show, at The Mutual Gallery is announced in this article of September 17.

2007 Jonathan Greenland writes about his interview with Stafford Schliefer in the Gleaner of June 3, 2007.

2009 This October 10, 2009 article reports on works missing from the national collection, including ‘Patch Blue,’ an early piece by Stafford Schliefer. Has it been found???

2010 The National Gallery of Jamaica announces its 2010 Biennial, in which Schliefer participates.

2011 The Mutual Gallery’s catalogue of ‘New Works’, a joint exhibition of work by Alexander Cooper and Stafford Schliefer.

2012 REAL LIFE Caribbean Luxury Lifestyle, Property and Design Magazine, publishes a feature article on Stafford Schliefer.

2013 Robyn Miller reviews ‘Potpourri’ in The Gleaner of December 15, 2013.

2017 The National Gallery of Jamaica features Stafford Schliefer, invited artist.

Undated. This partial bibliography was compiled in the African American Visual Arts Database, accessible by selecting the list of artists and navigating to the entry for Schliefer.

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